Jean Ghosn


Jean is the founder and chairman of Ghosn Group Developments.
As the final decision maker on all major acquisitions and projects, Jean has been essential for laying the groundwork for his family-run firm’s success.

With over 35 years of experience in land development and construction, Jean has built, leased and managed over a dozen major projects, including; streets, custom homes, multi-unit apartments and condos, and commercial and industrial buildings. No stranger to a construction site, Jean loves to be on-site for all projects. Jean’s passion is overseeing all construction that comes to life and ensuring its success – from the moment of breaking ground to completion.

Robert Ghosn

President, CEO

Robert’s main focus as President and CEO of Ghosn Group Developments is overseeing the success of all projects from beginning to end. Robert has a keen eye for opportunity and has proven to be a tenacious deal-maker. With his feet firmly entrenched in the local market, he has built a large network of progressive contacts across the city. Robert is responsible for the day-to-day business activities within the Ghosn Group. Robert works closely with consultants to prepare new projects for approvals and get construction drawings permit-ready. He oversees all daily decision-making and works closely with all company members to support them in their roles.

John A.A. Ghosn

Vice President & Head of Acquisitions

As passionate about sports as he is about real estate, John brings a competitive nature and expertise in city zoning to Ghosn Group Developments. During his 12 years with the firm, his intuition for discovering new opportunities has allowed him to secure several strategic assets for the group. John oversees all acquisitions, from the initial evaluation of the property, to the day of closing and spends time on-site during construction to support the site supervisor on all major decisions. John has also created the framework for managing the Ghosn Group’s portfolio. As the city grows, John will continue to work to identify potential opportunities while ensuring each Ghosn Group asset is well-managed.

Philip S. Bassil, MBA

Vice Chairman, Senior Advisor

Philip has 20+ years of experience in international business and finance that he brings to his role as Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor with the Ghosn Group. Before joining the firm, Philip led, structured and negotiated the sale of Toronto-based NRStor C&I to New York-based Blackstone, one of the largest institutional investors in the world. Philip is very familiar with the local land development landscape. He grew up within an entrepreneurial family business that saw the full life cycle of design, development, construction, ownership, and asset management of over 1,000 apartment unit portfolios in Nova Scotia. Philip is responsible for providing strategic advisory, structuring, and financing to the firm and leveraging a wide network of international relationshipsto support the firm’s projects

Brigitte Bassil

Head of Leasing & Interior Design

As the Head of Leasing & Interior Design, Brigitte has a keen eye for beauty. She brings her impeccable taste in design and years of experience to each of the projects at Ghosn Group Developments. Brigitte oversees interior design and decorating for all new construction. She can take any concept design and turn it into a space that feels like home for all tenants by working closely with designers, furniture companies, and the construction team. Brigitte is also responsible for the lease up on all new construction.